We have been known to present the odd Broadcast award (in our younger days!)

 Matt Wright – MD OTV Limited

I started my first web development agency in 1996, winning one of the fist website design awards ever given for our work with Meadowhall, the then largest retail centre in Europe.

I went on to get involved in the video and satellite business and developed a satellite video news release (instant video news releases to the desktops of city traders) and video conferencing system. I then moved this system on with Karl Holden & in partnership with Telecine, the biggest post production house in Europe at the time, and invented the world’s first satellite video jukebox system. This was installed in 250 pubs UK wide and mine and Karl’s Digital Media Solutions department at Telecine came second to BBC Digital in the ‘Innovation of the year award 1999’.

In 1999 I developed the first digital screening system for TV distributors which was picked up by Channel 4 International and we launched OTV.

Since our launch we have gone on to oversee the development of the definitive internet based Content Discovery Platform for TV distributors, working with over 20 UK TV distributors along the way.

For the very best distributors, we now give them access to our software which has been developed over 17 years exclusively for the industry, to deliver you an amazing website and iPad application that gets Your content Seen by the Right people at the Right Time Every Time. As you can imagine, this transforms your business because our software is light years ahead of anything else on offer & we are obsessed with increasing sales and enquiries by hundreds of per cent. We work very closely with our distributors and constantly seek out ways to improve their sales and marketing performance, and because of this we are very selective about who we work with.


We offer our very best potential customers an exclusive demonstration where they can find out all about it.

If you’re a success driven distributor, who simply refuses to let another month go by without sorting out your website once and for all, you should apply for us to visit you. If your application is successful, the demo and an example of what your website could look like, is Free.

“I would recommend OTV to any distributor that wants to progress their business using the most advanced sales and marketing tool available. OTV are professional, reliable and highly efficient and their expertise in facilitating the TV distribution workflow is second to none. If you don’t know their work already apply for a demonstration to see what they can do for you and your business!” Mike Morris, MD & Founder @ C41, 4Rights & Cue Card Media


And accelerate Your Sales & Marketing using the most advanced tool available.


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