In our experience most TV distributors have a website and maybe a screening system, NOT a specialised Content Discovery Platform.

To exploit this New Era of Sales our clients enjoy the most up to date search and recommendation system tailored exactly to the TV distribution world, to seamlessly highlight the most relevant content to the most ‘interested’ buyers and Drive Their Sales!

All in their own exclusive, dynamic and easily managed marketplace.

OTV has been catering exclusively to the TV distribution industry for over 22 years’ and this wealth of experience  has led to us developing our system to become the industry standard Content Discovery Platform.

“The advantage of working with OTV is that they know our industry inside out. For me, that knowledge has proved invaluable when developing sales and marketing systems to support the business needs of our sales, acquisition and marketing teams.” – Steve Quirke Head of Marketing @ C4i & Zodiak Rights

Our clients have seen as much as a 6,000% (from 500 to over 30,000) increase in online screenings since taking up our Content Discovery Platform and seen their profits rise considerably.

A Content Discovery Platform ensures complete security and maximum visibility of YOUR content, to the right people at the right time, every time.

Our Website Offering

You get an amazing looking website that targets your sales and marketing, drives your buyers to more of your content, keeps your producers happy and organises your materials work-flow – all in the most economical way by keeping all these activities one one platform.


The business intelligence gained through using your content discovery platform enables you to implement an effective sales strategy and provides you with a competitive market advantage.

Having been around for so long means we’ve worked with all of the main 3rd party rights/availability and contract creation systems and can integrate them seamlessly into your platform.

Your publicity and broadcast materials are directly available from the site, streamlining your working processes and allowing your buyers to conveniently complete all of their business with you in one place.

You can integrate your online and offline sales and marketing activities with activity logs, mobile screening and MIP market systems.

Our Hosting

We host and fully support your website using the latest dedicated & cloud technologies, giving very high speed page loading and online screening throughout the world.


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